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Our company give maintenance services and international certification of whole trade marks and models of Life rafts, boats, air breathing apparatus, resucitator equipments, EEBD, immersion suits, rescue boats portable fire extiguishers, CO2 Fixed systems. We also sell equipment and accesories to survival human life at sea, rivers and lakes. The implementation of the
ISO-9001-2008 norm, ensure our services with optimum quality standards, with quantifiable objetives with qualified personal and quality services


"Quality is our difference"

Sea survival equipments, systems and accesories R.D. 0185 - 94 / DGC 06 /05/ 1994.
Homologación: Resolución Nº 603-04-01ALCN del Ministerio de Hacienda y Tesoro Dirección General Consular y de Naves República de Panamá.
Address: Jirón. Olaya No. 1524 – La Perla – Callao – Perú – South America
Telephone Numbers: (511) 420-5783, (511) 998-139285 - Fax: (511) 420-4962 -
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