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ESASMAR S.A.C. Company, dedicated to life boats and fire fight systems Inspection, Maintenance and Intenational Certification services, began its activities at May of 1994, in Jirón 2 de Mayo No. 560 La Perla – Callao.

All our services and products have been approved by Dirección General de Capitanías y Guardacostas del Perú, according to R.D. 0185-94/DLG since May 6th of 1994 and by Certificado de Renovación de Licencia de Operación No. 33-97 P.N.J.S. more over by Homologación del MINISTERIO DE HACIENDA Y TESORO, DIRECCIÓN GENERAL CONSULAR Y DE NAVES DE LA REPUBLICA DE PANAMA RESOLUCIÓN NRO. 603-04-01 ALCN, and keep strcit concordance with International Agreement Norms on Sea Human Life Security (SOLAS).

The Manager is Mr. Filadelfo Guerrero Vilchez with DNI. 07197264. We made our first life boats inspection at May 25th of 1994 to the panamanian B/T CAPARI, property of Petrolera Transoceánica S.A. Began its services operation, working with national and international companies. At September of 1994, our company move to Jiron Olaya 1524 La Perla - Callao, ourown building with full equiped workshops and qualified personal. The floor of the life boats workshop is sintetic, anti skid, impermeable and resistant to abrasion and friction.

Also, we have special workshops to instalation, inspection, maintenance, reparation of all kind of fixed and portable Firefights Sistems: Carbonic Gas (C02), Quimic Spume, Dry Quimic Dust, etc. We count with our own mobility, to move and return to the workshops.

ESASMAR S.A.C. company, has obtained the ISO 9001 - 2008 (International Stándar Organization) Certification, wich is oriented to support and assure the Quality Sistem of our work, trusting and giving satisfation to our clients. We also are classified by LLOYD’S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE and aprovated by BUREAU VERITAS.

The implementation of the ISO 9001- 2008 norm, ensure our services with optimum quality standards, with quantifiable and measurables objetives, with qualified personal, with documented properly procedures, implemented and registered, wich trust the security and quality of our services. Those are the reasons why we inform to our clients the kind of services that we offers. From this view point, ESASMAR S.A.C. Company always try and will continue trying to give the best services to all our clients, with quility products and services.

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